Yachties hangout….

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There’s a famous little island stop-off hidden from most people that’s snuggled in just south of the Whitsundays. Not many people know about it…in fact only the yachting community ever seem to visit.

120kms south-east of Mackay are the Northumberland group of Islands and the Percy group are part of them. Middle Percy Island is one of those places I really could spend a few days at; beachcombing, swimming, bushwalking and exploring.

As we turned the corner and approached West Bay we spotted the A-frame hut we’d read so much about. A white sandy beach speckled with coconut palms and a natural harbour at one end. This place needed exploring!

The Boat Shed - Percy Island

Safely anchored up we left yacht Sunshine behind and made for the beach in the tender, with only one other yacht anchored the place was virtually deserted. We made straight for the hut and the mystery of the island started to unfold.

The hut was established nearly 50 years ago and ever since then passing yachties have left there individual marks here in the form of ship’s name boards and other souvenirs. The result is a fantastic record of the previous expeditions, voyages and round-the-world trips that have passed this way.

Signs Our momento

Of course I had to add to the melee of history, so the crew and I signed a Best Expedition in the World shirt and left it for the world to see!

We moved on from here after a morning cracking coconuts, drinking the juice and soaking up the atmosphere – this really is a gem of a location.

West Bay, Middle Percy Island Entrance to the harbour