Racing to Keswick island…

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After a couple of days in Mackay refuelling, provisioning, giving interviews and preparing, we were off again.

Welcome to the island The Keswick Island guest house

This time a fairly simple 30km crossing to Keswick Island and the incredibly hospitable Keswick Island Guest House. As part of Mum and Dad’s Queensland Road Trip they were also heading there but by plane not kayak. It was time to set a challenge…a race to the island. Now I was pretty confident about beating them. 30kms with a four hour head-start – surely not that difficult? Ahh maybe not in theory…but when the tide changed and the wind died suddenly the achievable seemed a long way away! Watch the clip below to see what happened:

Brian and Lyn run this place in such an incredible way; from their impeccable attentiveness to the sumptuous spreads produced at every meal it’s a wonderful place to arrive at, stay at and document. Thank you so much for the amazing experience.

Take me to the water... Azure blue seas, lashings of lush vegetation - welcome to Keswick Island
A spray of lime One of the island's many beautiful beaches

But with the expedition there’s no time for waiting around places…it’s onto the next destination and tonight, after an epic peddle and sail in 25 knot winds, I’ve made it safely to Brampton Island. Tomorrow I’ll meet up with the crew from Channel 10’s Totally Wild for a day of filming…

Yours expeditionally,

Ben 🙂