9 unforgettable places to propose in Queensland

Mar 12, 2014 No Comments by

Looking for somewhere to pop the question? With locations and activities as impressive as these, a big fat YES is (virtually) guaranteed.

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Take a holiday with a heart

Jan 08, 2014 No Comments by

Volunteer your time and have a holiday at the same time.

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Whale worship in Hervey Bay

Oct 30, 2012 1 Comment by

Travel writer Scott Podmore has seen it all, but the siren call of Humpback whale song in Hervey Bay tops his list.

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Swimming with dwarf minke whales

Aug 01, 2012 No Comments by

Ben dives in to uncover the mystery of the elusive yet curious dwarf minke whales on the Great Barrier Reef.

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How to speak Whale

Jul 25, 2012 3 Comments by

Brush up on your whale vocabulary with our step-by-step guide to speaking like a cetacean.

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Hundreds paddle out for whales in Hervey Bay

Jun 24, 2012 No Comments

Australia’s whale watching capital has once again shown its love for whales with the third annual Paddle out for Whales taking place on Saturday.

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The ultimate Top 10 list of Queensland experiences

Jun 04, 2012 3 Comments

From coral reefs and rainforest to the red sands of the Outback, these are our top 10 experiences for holidays in Queensland.

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Having a whale of a time

May 16, 2012 4 Comments

Last week I headed north to Hervey Bay, home of the best Humpback whale watching experience in Australia.

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The Outer Great Barrier Reef

Sep 09, 2011 1 Comment

The many layers that make up the Outer Great Barrier Reef…

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Newborn Humpback Whale!!!!

Aug 11, 2011 1 Comment

Sometimes things just happen so perfectly…like spotting a couple of basking Humpback Whales.

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