Snorkelling 101: A first-timers guide

Aug 29, 2012 4 Comments by

Explore the reef in style with Ben Southall’s top 10 tips for landlubbers taking the plunge for the first time.

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Father’s Day ideas for celebrity dads

Aug 28, 2012 No Comments by

Spare a thought for the millions of Aussie dads who will wake up on Sunday to breakfast in bed and a doona full of unwanted gifts.

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Pub of the Week: Drink in the legend of the Birdsville Pub

Aug 24, 2012 No Comments by

Birdsville Pub might be in the middle of nowhere, but with or without the lubrication of the ale, it’s here you can taste the legendary mateship of Australia.

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Underwater photography: 10 steps to shoot like a pro

Aug 23, 2012 5 Comments by

Taking underwater photos is one of the most challenging and rewarding types of photography. Ben Southall shows you how to get it right.

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Insider Guide: Brisbane

Aug 22, 2012 No Comments by

Kim Barnard from The Urban List knows enough city secrets to fill a guidebook twice. Here she gives us a little taste of her favourite Brisbane hot spots.

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School holidays: Ignite your 5 senses in Queensland

Aug 21, 2012 2 Comments

With school holidays just around the corner, it’s time to take in the smells, sights and sounds of spring in Queensland.

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How to find Nemo in 3D on the Great Barrier Reef

Aug 20, 2012 2 Comments

Get out of your shell and learn the best spots on the reef to mingle with the all-star cast of Nemo in real 3D.

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Pub of the Week: Button up for a fancy tipple at The London Club

Aug 17, 2012 No Comments

There’s a new breed of ‘pretty pubs’ emerging in Brisbane and Kim Barnard from The Urban List is digging the glamorous vibe.

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Fear factor: Shark feeding on the Great Barrier Reef [Video]

Aug 16, 2012 3 Comments

You might have to change your wetsuit twice after witnessing nature run its course on a shark dive at Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea.

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Guest post: Saving sharks through art

Aug 16, 2012 1 Comment

Jackie Hutchings tells the the story about how one man’s passion for shark conservation turns into a source of creative inspiration.

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