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Cool jobs: Head Koala Cuddler

Aug 29, 2013 No Comments by

Do you have the right koalifications?

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10 Great Walks worth lacing your boots up for

Aug 26, 2013 No Comments by

It’s time to explore the great outdoors.

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15 breathtaking images from Cairns Underwater Film Festival [gallery]

Aug 23, 2013 3 Comments by

These images will blow you out of the water.

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Chasing fish on Fraser Island [gallery]

Aug 19, 2013 No Comments by

I’m still entranced by the hook and line.

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Jurassic Park: Discovering Hinchinbrook Island [video]

Aug 12, 2013 No Comments by

It’s Australia’s largest national park island, but odds are you’ve never heard of it.

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How to use your GoPro underwater

Aug 09, 2013 3 Comments

Ensure you’re more Jacques Cousteau than Captain Chaos.

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10 amazing facts about manta rays [gallery]

Aug 07, 2013 No Comments

Everything you need to know about your favourite plankton scooper.

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A look inside the surf culture of the Gold Coast [gallery]

Jul 26, 2013 3 Comments

They say every surfer should visit Hawaii at least once in their lives, and I think it’s fair to say the same for the Gold Coast.

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22 surreal scenes from the Great Barrier Reef [gallery]

Jul 17, 2013 3 Comments

There are a couple of good places to go for a scenic swim on the Great Barrier Reef…just a couple.

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Cool jobs: Dinosaur Lab Assistant

Jul 15, 2013 1 Comment

Self-confessed geek George Sinapius’s job would make many young boys green with envy.

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