The magic of Woodford Folk Festival

11 reasons why Woodford Folk Festival is the most magical event

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Ever wanted to see a fairy or maybe a bubble-blowing wizard? Head north-west of Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland between Christmas and New Year’s and you’re likely to spot a few at Australia’s answer to the US of A’s Burning Man.

They join over 120,000 colourful performers, talented artists and party people who pour into Woodford Folk Festival for six days of entertainment, music and art.

Festival-goers can take in thousands of shows including workshops, talks and cabarets, or just sit back and watch hundreds of street performers weave their magic. For music lovers, big-name international and local acts like Buffy Sainte-Marie, Paul Kelly, Montaigne, Gang of Youths and Thelma Plum are among over 400 artists who will grace the stage(s).

But the real magic comes at the beginning and end of the festival thanks to the signature fire ceremonies. The occasion brings together hundreds of performers, giant puppets, fireworks and flames, and becomes more spectacular with each passing year.

It’s an enchanted experience not to be missed, and here’s 11 reasons why.

Woodfordians from all walks of life are welcomed with open arms

The entire festival is centred around a message of connectedness to each other, with this year’s theme of “How We Wonder” encouraging reflection into the universal concepts of how we fit in the overall scheme of things.

It’s basically one giant love-fest for humanity

Calls to prayer

As well as embracing and celebrating different cultures (keep an eye out for the daily street parades), you can join Tashi Lhunpo Monks of Tibet for an hour of powerful vibrations in their call to prayers for world peace.

Everything is just SO dang beautiful. And unexpected.

Woodford mystical beings

Massive love-heart flower arrangements, ginormous mystical beings watching over you, and oh so many colourful characters and creatures makes Woodford Folk Festival one eye-popping, jaw-dropping experience, day in, day out.

When riding a 4-metre-high steampunk golden trike is totally normal

Golden Trike Woodford

Why hello up there!

The music scene is out of this world

Woodford Folk Festival Music

If you thought the visuals were insane, wait ‘til you hear the killer line-up of tunes coming your way from an audibly delicious menu ranging from pop rock and blues to world folk and reggae.

Actually, pretty much every entertainment aspect is killer

Entertainment at Woodford Folk Festival

With over 2,000 performers and 438 events, it’s safe to say there’s never a dull moment at Woodford Folk Festival, with cabaret acts, acrobatic workshops and puppet shows, and informative talks with influencers which, this year, includes Australia’s favourite science guru, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki.

Case in point

Performer at Woodford Folk Festival

Just a guy playing a banjo with his legs behind his head. No biggie.

The (age) limit does not exist

Kids at Woodford Folk Festival

If you had any preconceived ideas of Woodford Folk Festival being a mature-aged-only event, guess again. Little ones are treated to their very own Children’s Festival with daily activities and entertainment including puppet and acrobatic shows, family yoga sessions and even circus classes!

It makes for one unforgettable start to the new year

Rising sun ceremony Woodford

Continuing the age-old tradition of greeting the first rays of the new year is a mesmerising hilltop sunrise ceremony complete with rituals and music to welcome the dawn of a new chapter.

You’ll leave inspired and overall, probably a better human being.

Fire Ceremony Woodford Folk Festival

The term ‘end with a bang’ is taken pretty literally at Woodford Folk Festival, with a spectacular closing fire ceremony shining messages of love and hope into the world for what’s to come.

[We’ll let this picture speak for itself]

Woodford Folk Festival Fire Ceremony

Because seriously, who wouldn’t want to be amongst all this creative and positive energy?

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Are you heading to Woodford Folk Festival this year? What are you most looking forward to?