Liverpool FC vs Brisbane Roar 2015

Liverpool FC headline epic footy weekend in Brisbane

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Attention all die-hard football fans: Liverpool FC is coming to Brisbane for the first time in their 123-year history. Yes, you read correctly and yes, you need to get tickets right now! (Find out how below.)

The English Premier League giants are coming to the River City to kick off a trifecta of football that’s set to go down in the history books for more reasons than one.

Three codes.
Three countries.
Three epic matches taking place on the hallowed turf of Suncorp Stadium (aka The Cauldron).

Liverpool FC fans

Liverpool FC will lace up their boots and run onto the field on Friday, July 17 to play the Brisbane Roar. Then, the gentleman’s game takes over on Saturday with the Wallabies facing South Africa, and just when you thought you’d seen it all, the Broncos will take on the Tigers for NRL glory on the 19th.

We hope you didn’t faint. We should have warned you how epic this was. Sorry.

Pull out your supporter jerseys and get ready to pull back-to-back nights like a uni student on summer holidays with this weekend itinerary.

Eat. Sleep. Sport. Repeat. Eat. Sleep. Sport. Repeat.


Liverpool FC are coming to Brisbane Australia

Get to Brisbane by any means necessary. Seriously, ride a horse, fly a plane or run by foot because this weekend is worth it. You’ve never seen Liverpool FC vs Brisbane Roar… ever. Until now.

Get in amongst the sea of red weaving its way towards  Suncorp Stadium – it won’t be hard to find, there are over 600,000 Liverpool FC supporters in Australia. You’ll be singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (the manliest power ballad ever) at the top of your lungs and most importantly, you’ll see some of the greatest footballers on the planet.

Afterwards, hit up Caxton Street and hit it hard. The Red Army will be out in force tonight.


Wallabies vs Springboks in Brisbane

Pick one of these sports pubs for a pre-match counter lunch (or some hair of the dog to pull you through from last night).

The sea of red will draw back and a new wave of green and gold will rush into Brisbane as the Wallabies kick off their 2015 rugby championship season vs South Africa. Your job is to fill Suncorp Stadium with the same passion and noise that the great Red Army did. Good luck.

The last time the Wallabies hosted the Springboks in Suncorp Stadium they lost so it’s redemption time. Get behind whoever you want, but you better bring the passion and energy these two sides deserve (Hint: Just yell boooo! every time the opposing team does ANYTHING).

Make the most of it and hit up one of these fancy bars after the game.


Brisbane Broncos Suncorp Stadium

If you’re still chasing footballs in your dreams, then get ready for some NRL action to close out the weekend.

By this point in the season, the Brisbane Broncos and Wests Tigers will both be in the finals race and that means you need to be there in your colours to support, no matter which side of the border you back.

New Zealand rugby journalist Wynne Gray called Suncorp Stadium one of the best in the world because you can hear “the smack of the bodies, the boot on the leather, you feel the power and rhythm of the games”.

And after playing host to three games of this scale, we reckon The Cauldron will probably be ready for a good ol’ rest, don’t you?

Can you make it to all three? Let us know which match tops your list below.


  • Karol Nowak

    I’d love to go and watch Liverpool in action, but when the general audience tickets will be available?

    • Queensland Blog

      Hey Karol you can add your name to the waitlist via Ticketek (link at bottom of post). Good luck!

  • Martyn50

    It’s not football but soccer

  • Bronco Dan

    I love all sport. Lived on the Gold Coast 32 years and now in Perth for 4. Plan 2 week holiday back around Liverpool game. Thinking wife would book return flights home for us and our little girl Sunday night. No we are booked Saturday morning missing my favourite team the Broncos and Wallabies. Neither play in Perth. However the 3rd Origin game is on during our first week. Any true sports fan would do all 3 games!!!