TNQ Elisa in the sign @maximecoquard_Green Island_Elisa Detrez 1048px

Instameet on the Reef

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Queensland’s biggest water playground, the Great Barrier Reef was under the digital spotlight during the Queensland Instameet on Saturday 4 October. Eleven of the eighty-eight Instameets held across the state took place on the reef or their surrounding islands or even on boats somewhere in between! Here’s our favourite shots from across the day to get you pumped to jump in soon!


Note: No smartphone was harmed in the taking of these photos.



TNQ Green Island turtle-@islandjems-APPROVED
So many turtles call Green Island, Tropical North Queensland home.

Photo by @islandjems via Instagram


TNQ Green Island Instameet - Greg Snell does an awesome jump for the Instameet gang - photo by @maxime coquard 1048px

Greg Snell starts the Green Island Instameet in style.

Photo by @maximecouquard via Instagram.


TNQ Green Island Ray and feet - @islandjems-APPROVED

You can see the wonderful creatures of the Great Barrier Reef from the jetty on Green Island.

Photo by @islandjems via Instagram.


TNQ Green Island coral ©GregSnell-2741


Coral comes in all shapes, sizes and patterns.

Photo by @gregorsnell via Instagram.


TNQ SEAWALKER GREEN ISLAND INSTAMEET-Gavin the photo bombing parrot fish takes over the lime light from Kate Duffy 1048px

Gavin the photobombing parrotfish was pumped to join the Instameet with the Seawalker crew.

Photo of @kate_duffy by @seawalkergreenisland via Instagram.

TNQ- LOCATION TBC-semi-submerged- @nickienq
Mr Inbetween. Get the best of both worlds within reach of the Silver Swift in Tropical North Queensland.

Photo by @nickienq via Instagram.

TNQ poseidon cruises - nemo selfie @lindsays27

TNQ nemo on Quicksilver Cruises @reefcruises-APPROVED

Oh hey, Nemo even made an appearance for the Poseidon Instameet!

Photos by @linsdays27 and @reefcruises via Instagram

WSYs cruising around the WSYs with @mttCruising in between the 74 islands of the Whitsundays.

Photo by @matthewtaylorthomas via Instagram.


WSYs Daydream @matthewtaylorthomas 1048px

Photo challenge: take a photo of you taking a photo of me. It’s time to scuba on Daydream Island in the wonderful Whitsundays.

Photo by @matthewtaylorthomas via Instagram.

WSYs view from Daydream Island 1048px


Take a step back and breathe in the Whitsundays. #thoseblues

Photo by @matthewtaylorthomas via Instagram.



BUNDY LEI aerial shot @jasoncharleshill

The Lady Elliot Lady instameet started in the air. Lady Elliot is the officially the start of the Great Barrier Reef.

Photo by @jasoncharleshill via Instagram.


BUNDY LEI half in half out shot @jasoncharleshill

You can walk straight off the island and join the underwater world at Lady Elliot, Bundaberg.

Photo by @jasoncharleshill via Instagram.



BUNDY LEI night beach shot @jasoncharleshill


The Instameet continued for some into the evening. It looks like even the stars are more amazing on the reef!

Photo by @jasoncharleshill via Instagram.


And that’s the reef wrap!