Organic eating guide to the Gold Coast

A #cleaneating and organic dining guide to the Gold Coast

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It’s no secret there’s a revolution in full swing around the world, as conscious farmers and foodies join forces to shun the conventional in favour of healthy, organic goodness. And on the Gold Coast, it’s not just the health conscious and sustainable produce flag-flyers who are getting in on the organic ‘trend’.

When it comes to eating out on the Gold Coast, organic, paleo, raw, vegan and gluten-free are increasingly becoming top of mind and any foodie worth their bunches of kale will know these havens should be added to your favourites.

The Cardamom Pod

Gourmet vegetarian is the name of the game at The Cardamom Pod in Broadbeach. From the people behind the original Byron Bay Bliss Balls, this cafe serves up delicious vegetarian fare with a slight Indian bend. From tandoori paneer and cauliflower roti wraps, to brown lentil moussaka washed down with a ‘magic mocktail’, you’ll leave here on the biggest natural high.

Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market

With stalls setting up before the crack of dawn, Sunday morning in Miami means one thing: the Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market. Offering a huge range of certified organic produce, from crusty sourdough bread to just-picked-fruit and vegetables, pantry staples and safe natural cleaning products, the markets are not just a great place to shop but the perfect Sunday morning ritual for those who like to get high on the good stuff.

Mandala Organic Arts Café

Up the road at Mermaid Beach, sits one of the coast’s best-kept secrets – Mandala Organic Arts Café. A fusion of raw and organic cuisine, and a chilled out performance space that plays host to musicians each week, even the staunchest carnivore could be converted by their pizzas.

Greenhouse Factory Restaurant and Bar

Spinach and banana pancakes? Yeah, it’s a thing. And it’s not as offputting as you may have once thought. Mixing raw desserts with water views and offering up an inventive vegetarian and vegan menu that’s attractive to even the staunchest carnivore, Greenhouse Factory Restaurant and Bar can’t be accused of dishing out boring fare. There’s even craft beer to twist your fast food-devotee’s arm, if you need to.


BSKT Gold Coast

What do you get when you combine paleo granola, organic coffee and a roster of yoga classes next to Nobby’s Beach? A hipster hub of healthy eating called BSKT. From superfood breakfasts to mains like kangaroo san choy bau and seared wild tuna, and delicious coconut sorbet for dessert, you could easily become a bona fide local here… at least at meal times.

Marie Anita’s

Whether you’re a full-blown chia-pod-loving kid or just want eggs on toast that you can actually digest properly, Marie Anita’s in Burleigh Heads has got your gluten-free back. With a background in gluten-free artisanal baking, it’s no surprise you can pick up a loaf of tasty gluten-free bread – how does apricot and walnut loaf sound? – ‘to go’ with your (organic) morning coffee.

Organics at Home

Organics at Home in Palm Beach is all about alkaline-balanced foods, cold-pressed juices, stable oils and 100 per cent organic produce. Pop in for a superfood smoothie or indulge in a burger or pulled pork sambo, knowing everything you’re popping in your mouth is certified organic.

The Paleo Café

The Paleo Café in Burleigh Heads is part of a successful string of franchises taking hold across Oz as more and more get in touch with their inner caveman or woman. With a focus on eating as Mother Nature intended, the menu highlights lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts and berries, while grains and dairy are strictly off the cards.

Wray Organic Market and Café

In the States they may have Wholefoods, but in Palm Beach the locals are all about Wray Organic Market and Café. Opened as their flagship store in 2005, this organic superstore and cafe chain has everything you need to feel nourished and vibing off life. Whether you’re packing your enviro bag full of take-home pantry goodies and fresh veggies or slugging down on a green juice and salad, you can’t help beaming after a stop-off here.

Others organic goodies

In the back of the FoodWorks store in Burleigh Heads lies an inconspicuous but awesomely large organics section. You’ll never run out of chia seeds again!

The Magic Apple in Burleigh Heads is an old-timer of the vegetarian dining scene on the coast, dishing up delicious burgers and a range of gluten and sugar free cakes. Pumpkin cheesecake, anyone?

Know another great vegetarian, paleo or #cleaneating hotspot we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments.