Link Love: Travel the world via drone, breathtaking coral macro video + more

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Your monthly edit of wanderlust-fuelled stories, videos and other fun stuff from our corner of the web.

:: This macro timelapse video of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef will blow your mind. Queensland Uni PhD student Daniel Stoupin took 150,000 shots to make his masterpiece after spending nine months learning how to film the delicate corals in this way. In a word, it’s mesmerising. And yes, all the colours are real – no digital enhancement was used.

:: The Weekend Edition wraps up Brisbane’s best winter cocktails. Hot buttered rum or Baileys-infused chocolate shot with toasted marshmallows, anyone?

:: This is what an encounter with a minke whale looks like. Full video story to come soon from Matt Raimondo.

:: This new interactive map let’s you travel the world via drone footage. TravelByDrone merges the power of YouTube and Google Maps and allows anyone with quality drone footage to share their videos.

Like a video version of Google Street View, you can zoom in and take a spin around the Colosseum over breakfast or duck beneath the waves of Nobby Beach on the Gold Coast.

:: 14 travel tips you can learn from your dog? Yep, Matador Network went there.

:: “We’d been told there were deserted beaches and that the area was virtually untouched by tourism, but I didn’t believe it until I saw it. There’s something so peaceful about having space to truly connect with your environment.”

If you follow This Island Life on Instagram you’ll be well acquainted with Laura’s envy-inducing, turquoise water-soaked feed but after heading to the Southern Great Barrier Reef with a videographer and diving under the water at Lady Musgrave Island, she has officially sent us all into wanderlust.

:: Want to know the best places to eat in Townsville? Experience Oz wraps up the Top 10.

:: Brian Dale pays homage to the Sunshine Coast with this timelapse-frenzy of a video.

:: Need to brush up on cetacean facts in preparation for the whale season? Mantra has got your (hump)back with this fun infographic.

*Feature image: Shutterstock