20 Queensland travel accounts to follow on Instagram

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Planning a holiday to Queensland? Or simply dreaming of a place you’d rather be? Instagram is the perfect tool to do both!

We’ve made it easy for you with this list of Queensland Instagrammers, covering most of the diverse regions within the state to give you a head start on planning your next trip. Give in to your wanderlust and follow these accounts immediately, if not sooner!


Lauren Bath is Australia’s top professional Instagrammer for a reason! The Gold Coast export is leading the way in social media and marketing through the power of her amazing photographs. She has a way of capturing the right moment, in the right light and making each destination shine. If you can handle the wanderlust, follow her adventures at @laurenepbath.

@jewelszee / @snapper_snapper

A typical day for Jewels starts by waking up on the doorstep of her local beach (Snapper Rocks on the southern tip of the Gold Coast) and heading out to take pics of crashing waves at sunrise, hinterland scenery through the morning, surfing action shots in the afternoon and stunning sunset shots in the evening. If you want to brighten your day and have a giggle with her goofy, yet adorable mishaps follow @jewelszee and @snapper_snapper.


Garry captures the Gold Coast in such spectacular light that you are going to want to pack your bags immediately! Garry also hosts regular Instameets where people come from all over South East Queensland to take pretty pictures and hang out. Follow his adventures at @garry_norris.


Need a happiness injection? Go on a spiritual journey with Rikes as she posts beautiful captures from her travels tagged with positive daily mantras. Rikes is based in Brisbane but you will find her out and about, being at one with nature. Find some inner peace and follow @rikerama.


Christopher’s account is a bottomless treasure trove of creativity. He is always followed closely by his toy friends that have their own little adventures. Woody, Spiderman, Wall*E, Yotsuba and even some of the Smurfs are amongst his closest friends. If you need to escape to a fantasy world where toys rule, follow their stories at @chriznobs.


Keiran is the resident lighthouse caretaker on Moreton Island. He is also a discovery guide, park ranger and proud father of two. Basically, his life is bliss! Wide deserted beaches, the many wonders of Moreton Island and witnessing glorious sunsets over the bay towards Brisbane are just some of the luxuries of his lifestyle. If you need some serenity in your life, check out @kerianlusk.


For a little bit of city and a little bit of country, Lee’s Instagram feed is the one to follow. Lee is an iPhone user only, taking us back to the original purpose of Instagram. He uploads beautiful moments as they happen on his weekly road trips between Brisbane and Toowoomba. If you’d like to get to know the great south east, see where he pops up next at @imlee_.


Cuteness Alert! Officially, Kaz is the Visitor Services Manager at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary but really, she is the photographer to the stars of the sanctuary. Resident koalas, echidnas, kangaroos and even birds of prey are all Kaz’s friends and are happy to pose for her. If you can ignore the job envy, check out which Currumbin critters she’s featuring today at @sabbiak.


Blue, blue and more blue! That’s what you’ll find when you follow Mark Fitzpatrick. Stunning captures from all along Queensland’s coastline from the roaring surf of the Gold Coast, to the calm waters of Whitehaven Beach and the tropical underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. Throw in some spectacular sunsets and you’ve got paradise! Check him out and see where he is enjoying the sunshine today at @_markfitz.


Based in Brisbane but always on the go, Steve has an amazingly varied style of photography. From beautiful wildlife captures, to stunning cityscapes, amazing astrophotography and steel wool photography, I love Steve’s images because you never know what he’s going to post each day. Follow along at @steveberardiphoto.


Have you ever wanted to escape to a magical underwater world? Follow Kara – aka ‘The Turtle Whisperer’ – and you can do just that as she posts images from her life under the sea. Dive into her world at @karamurphyimages.


Nathan is always posting breathtaking images from around the Capricorn region and a lot of them are off the beaten track. Think: Stunning waterfalls with glass-like water, magical sunsets, the Milky Way in all its glory, beautiful beaches and the occasional wildlife capture. Check him out and see the beauty of Central Queensland at @nathanwhiteimages.


Cristina is a free spirit based in Tropical North Queensland but always succumbing to her wanderlust. You will find this fun-loving gypsy frolicking on the beautiful northern beaches or dancing through the rainforest, showing us some amazing hidden spots such as Wallaman Falls near Ingham. Join her next adventure to Hamilton Island and beyond at @sea_godess.


Awesome job alert! A regular day at the office for Nate includes flying over the Great Barrier Reef, finding a great spot to set down for some snorkelling, landing on Whitehaven Beach for lunch or assisting with marriage proposals by doing a fly-by of one of our most romantic spots – Heart Reef! Nate is Hamilton Island’s resident helicopter pilot, so jump on board and follow him at @nate_rm.


Birdsville’s resident Instagrammer, Kelly, takes us on her explorations of our sunburnt country. Think: Vast red sand dunes as far as the eye can see, beautiful desert flowers, meeting the local camels and, of course, the adventures of Onslo, her loyal 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Check her out and admire the great open land of Outback Queensland at @kellytheobold_.


Are you ready for some dramatic, yet dreamy landscapes from South East Queensland? Each of Kingsley’s images is more spectacular than the last, showing bright colours and always a sense of movement. Get ready to admire at @kingaspics.


Warning: Tracey loves creepy crawlies. Praying mantis, beetles, bees, crabs and water dragons feature occasionally on her feed. She also likes a good sunset, romantic walks on the beach and anything native with wings – the birds just seem to like to hang out with her and she catches them in the moment. See which little critters she has stumbled upon today at @trac3d.


Meet Harry Foster, the underwater adventurer based in the waters surrounding Heron Island. His images are not for those who have a fear of certain sea-dwelling creatures as he gets up close and personal with sharks (usually lemon sharks, which are not thought to be a threat to humans). He does have some exciting land-based adventures too. Follow his antics at @hazfos.


Jacqui is a fun loving 20-something, posting great imagery from Brisbane and beyond. See Brisbane sparkle at night as Jacqui takes you on virtual Instawalks around the River City and through South Bank. When she gets out of the city and into Southern Queensland Country, you’ll find her frolicking amongst the iconic sunflower fields! Follow along at @jacquils.


Based in Brisbane, Gareth is always escaping the city and creating incredible images along the way. You might find him along babbling brooks and waterfalls in the Gold Coast Hinterland, catching golden hour in Brisbane’s bay area or creating incredible star trail shots in Southern Queensland Country. Check out @mcguigan_visuals.

While you’re travelling around Queensland make sure you tag your Instagram photos with #thisisqueensland and follow @Queensland while you’re at it.

Which Queenslanders do you like to follow on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.


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    • Matthew Taylor

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    • Matthew Taylor

      Yes we love @adventuremumma too! :)

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    • Matthew Taylor

      Thanks Millie! Hope you’re well :)

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    you should check out @colindavisphotography too. He has some great pics