This is my paradise [video]

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Belinda Carlisle may have sung about heaven being a place on earth but in Tropical North Queensland, the locals have heaven in their backyards. And they could sing its praises for longer than Belinda’s singing career total.

In a new promotion aptly tagged #thisismyparadise, three locals have revealed their stories of growing up in paradise.

1. Glen Jacobs

Glen is a real-life trail-blazer. Building trails for hikers and mountain bikers is his bag, but it’s the epic natural rainforest surroundings that he says makes where he works, his paradise.

2. Ross Miller

Ross has been flying through paradise since he was five years old. As a hang glider, he gets to live out his dreams of flying whenever the wind will carry him, swooping and soaring over the beautiful coastline south of Port Douglas.

3. Nikki Rumney

Not many kids can say they grew up on the Great Barrier Reef, literally. Nikki’s childhood playground was at sea, learning to swim with dwarf minke whales before she could walk. She’s been helping dad John with his scientific marine expeditions and free diving on the reef ever since.

So, who would you choose to trade some time with?


  • Kaaren Sephton

    1 Nikki
    2 Ross
    3 Glenn

  • kristy

    I absolutely loved nikki rumny’s story.What an amazing life to grow up on the great barrier reef. I’ve never been there and seeing that, like wow I’d go there right now if I could it looks so beautiful!

  • LKW

    Nicky Rumny’s paradise is my version of paradise – it is a dream of mine to see the underwater beauty of the Great Barrier Reef up close – she gets to do it every day! Lucky Nicky.

  • Mark

    Nikki has my vote, something I would certainly enjoy.

  • Jason Eldridge

    1. Nikki Rumney
    3. Ross

  • Polly

    Nikki for sure, what a beautiful life being at one with nature in that way!

  • Alison McLean

    I think they all are pretty amazing, everyone sells paradise in their chosen perspective… from a personal choice it would be Great Barrier Reef … underwater experience as it always has been something on my to do list… in saying that the men’s stories would have me too experiencing hand gliding & trail blazing as they made their life dream so connected and passionate that anyone would benefit from this opportunity to reconnect not only with themselves but with this planet… well done team!

  • Karen Brewer

    Nikki has made her version of paradise my choice. She. Has my vote. Amazing!!

  • rosep1234

    Nikki has a life-long blessing to fill her with amazing memories of times in the Great barrier Reef!
    Her connection with it is what I’d love….

  • Mom2HockeyGreat

    Nikki definitely! Her version is right up my alley!!

  • Tracey Jackson

    I loved all 3 stories – they showcased our beautiful state perfectly – but the chance to swim with dwarf minke whales and the other amazing inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef would be something extra special so I have to say Nikki.

  • Stephanie Sutherland

    Nikki has the right Idea :)

  • Michelle Hetherington

    Nikki for sure I’ve always wanted to see a whale and to see the reef it would be amazing a dream come true she’s so lucky to have that life

  • Zcs

    I still want to fly, a childhood dream never discovered, so I vote Ross

  • mags

    Glen Jacobs, enabling people to get back to nature and seeing the growth of timeless rainforests that have endured this earth to survive is my pick. The vast wilderness that dies and regrows. Nature at its best. All stories are amazing, but for me the terra firma experience is paramount!

  • vikkiparman

    I vote for Nikki, to be free by swimming under the sea.

  • Sharon Conlan

    Most definitely Nicki,that would be amazing!

  • Sarah

    Nikki’s is a clear favourite for me.

  • Nat Wilcox

    Can’t believe we have to choose from one of these three well I guess I loses all three are just awesome . Who ever win this prize no matter what is goning to have an awesome experience they’ll remember.

  • Lisa Kitchener

    Nikki for sure. That awesome free feeling.

  • Lee-Ann Greenwood

    Ross for sure – free as a bird !

  • Collette Elford-Langford

    Definitely Nikki, but they all sound awesome

  • Paul Dawson

    Nikki Rumney gets my vote, I have always wanted to seethe Reef

  • Kevin Vijayakumar

    NIkki Rumney. The beauty of the reef, is just beyond belief.

  • Rodney Stone

    Nikki’s experience looks sounds just fantastic

  • Jan

    Nikki Rumney. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most beautiful places on earth, we must do all we can to cherish and protect it.

  • Reed Marshall

    Glen Jacobs

  • Debbie Parsons

    I vote for Nikki’s Story. What a life.


    Definitely, Nikki Rumney. What an experience and life she has. This is something most people can only dream of. Nikki has my vote

  • sandyus1

    Definitely Glen Jacobs!

  • Edith Maclean

    Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, Oi Oi Oi!

  • Tim Stewart

    Love Nikki’s story!! what an adventure – she gets my vote!

  • Karen Mcdermott

    i would love to spend some time with Nikki please great story

  • Judy West

    Nikki or Ross? Too hard to decide!

  • Paul Lawson

    I am sure my paradise lies hidden somewhere within the Great Barrier Reef so I would vote for Nikki

  • Katie Woods

    Nikki gets my vote :)

  • angela

    Go for Glen!

  • Monica Lim

    I vote for Glen Jacobs – what a job!

  • Rodney Dobell

    Nikki would be the choice here, as her world is the least experienced by me,so it is the most desireable option. If the masses out there were to see this first hand , then we all may treat it with more respect,speak up for its defence,then cease throwing rubish and plastics into its space!

  • James

    Nikki Rumney for sure..

  • Catherine Laker

    I have to admit I’m a land lover more than air or water so I would go for Glen Jacobs, it’s certainly keeping him young!

  • Suze

    I would love to explore the underwater world with Nikki!

  • Peter

    I’m on the Nikki train. Easy choice.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I grew up in the Bahamas so can totally relate to Nikki Rumney’s story. She gets my vote.

  • Bernice Phillips

    Nikki Rumney for sure

  • Catherine Laker

    I’m definitely a land lover more than air or water so I would have to go with Glen Jacobs. Being surrounded by the beauty of rain forest has certainly kept him young!

  • Cara Murdoch

    Nikki for sure!!!

  • Cassandra Schleyer

    I vote for Nikki childhood memories swimming with the minke whales would have been amazing

  • Jasmine Green

    I like Nikki’s adventure too!

  • Vanessa Acheson

    Oh I’d love to trade time with nikki Tunney for sure she has the best life ever

  • Richo38

    Nikki’s adventure is just amazingly beautiful, what a paradise indeed!

  • Danielle Pearson

    It’s a tough call between Glenn and Vikki but trading time with Glenn would suit my family better.

  • thomasms

    #thisismyparadise I would like to take part is Ross Miller’s adventure

  • Mary-beth Harrop

    Definitely Glen Jacobs, so awesome! :)


    Nikki’s great underwater world adventure !

  • Davina Gravestock

    Nikki’s Adventure would be amazing

  • Colleen Sanker Caruso

    I want to go with Nikki’s

  • Susie Loh

    The peace and spectacular beauty of Niki’s underwater world, simply leaves me longing for a chance to experience it too.

  • craig

    I like Nikkis adventure

  • rachael

    Nikki is one lucky lady that’s for sure, great barrier just beautiful!!

  • Timothy Clarke

    Ross Miller for sure,hang gliding looks awesome fun : )

  • angela34wi

    I have to say Nikki get my vote!

  • Willow Jones

    Nikki Rumney gets my vote!

  • Amanda Gardiner

    Glen Jacobs sounds like he would fit in in Queenstown nz. I’m not a mountain biker but i love to walk the trails, it would be great to see what he has done over there.

  • Seamus Murphy

    Terrific Quennsland ….. I Vote for Nikki’s Storey, I definitely would wish to spend time with her in her adventures, Quennsland has so much to offer the Visitor, winderful Scenery, Wine and Food

  • Kimberly M.

    I would definitely choose Nikki’s adventure. Love it. So me!

  • Imogen Warren

    I would love to do the diving on the reef but am not brave enough, so Nikki gets my vote.

  • Sue Wagner

    Nikki has my vote!

  • Christopher Powell

    Glen’s sounds like what I’d enjoy.

  • romancehrted

    Nikki story for sure just love it.

  • Michael Wyatt

    I vote for Nikki Rumney, how awesome to be able to do such things with your Dad.

  • meena chhichhia

    2. Ross Miller #thisismyparadise cos it’s so advenetrous & thrilling ! a gr8 experience..!

  • Caylee C

    Nikki’s!! #thisismyparadise

  • Sheena Nelson

    Definitely nikki!!

  • thirdcinema

    1. Glen Jabobs

  • Ken Merrick

    Ross Miller’s story is awesome,
    Would love this adventure

  • Sheena Nelson

    Definitely Nikki!!

  • Barbara Falconer

    Absolutely Nikki, I love the water and the reef.

  • melissa schilders

    Nikki Rumney, perfect adventure to experience

  • b morton

    Definitely, Nikki Rumney. Fantastic!

  • Trudi

    1) Glen Jacobs as I love wildlife and nature so the forest would be my bag, having said that they all seem pretty amazing experiences.

  • Fiona

    I would trade with Nikki Rumney because I am a waterbaby and would love to see the Great Barrier Reef

  • Amanda Walker

    Ross Miller #thisismyparadise I think I would absolutely freak out until I was up there, then the view would just take your breath and all fears away

  • krusk8

    Nikki rumney its amazing

  • Hartley Press

    Nikki’s life is for me!

  • Deborah White

    Nikki Rumney’s place sounds just about perrfect.

  • Emma Johansen

    I would trade with Nikki Rumney however, I’m so fat I tend to float and may not get down deep enough to see the fish. Still its an experience I’ve never had and would happily give it a go.

  • Terry Goodall

    Why do I have to choose!!?
    All three video glimpses are superb, and very tempting. Having never tried the aerial route, I’ll give Ross my vote, but I’d really love to hang out with Glenn and Nikki as well….Greedy eh?

  • Paul Foster

    3,Nikki Rumney,at one with nature,at its most natural best.

  • Joanne Foster

    Glen for sure, he looks like the forest trail blazing has kept him young and active


    Ross Miller #thisismyparadise is the kind of thing Id drop EVERYTHING for, to experience the way & where, this lucky Dude lives each day!

  • Scott Hardy

    Nikki is my pick. Ever since snorkeling in the pacific islands I’ve wanted to experience the great barrier reef.

  • Phil Colbourne

    Got to be Ross. Have i now entered?

  • Jan Mather

    Glenn, you couldnt get closer to nature if you tried, the birds the streams and waterfalls, the lush rain forest. Pure absolute, this is my Paradise!

  • Dave Bray

    3, Nikki definitely, i have such a passion for marine and reef life and what better place to learn to dive #thisismyparadise

  • stevew11

    I vote for Nikki. Am I entered to win?

  • Amy Leigh Sheaffe

    Definitely Nikki’s paradise! I can only imagine all of the beauty and wonder that she discovered living on the Great Barrier Reef. She has my vote x 100000! haha

  • Leonie Green

    3. Nikki Rumney. I can’t go past a wonder of the world for paradise on earth!

  • Chris Cleave

    Glen Jacobs experience looks exciting

  • Em Hornby

    Nikki for sure. How amazing!

  • marverolf

    Ross Miller, absolutely amazing!

  • Kyle Cann

    I’d exchange with Glen Jacobs my type of scene and action

  • Leandra Wilford

    Nikki’s story gets my vote! That looks amazing! #thisismyparadise :)

  • Fiona

    I would like to trade with Nikki – would love her water based adventure

  • Jenni Crowther

    Nikki, I want to relive your childhood.

  • Sue

    Would love to share Nikki’s paradise

  • Sue

    Nilkki’s paradise sounds like fun.

  • JohnW

    I’d have to go with Glen. Combining riding with nature that way blows my mind.

  • Donna Robertson

    Nikki gets my vote. What an awesome way to spend your life born and bred in such a wonderful place and to live and work doing something you really love…

  • Mike Parsons

    Nikki Rumney!! Water and more warm water with countless beauty!

  • Michaela Mse Williams

    3. Nikki Rumney
    She gets my vote, sounds like dream to me!

  • Melinda King

    Nikki Rumney please. All look awesome and have beautiful environs but am acrophobic and too unfit for mountain biking.


    3. Seeing the whales in their natural habitat is a lifelong dream of my wife. We would love to be out on the reef seeing the variety of life there.

  • Renée Georgia

    Nikki for sure! Breath takingly amazing!

  • Rod Topperwien

    Nikki’s story is the one that grabbed me. I love snorkeling

  • Linda Vesinger

    I’d love to join Nikki on the Barrier Reef. Always wanted to visit & explore it

  • Zsolt Nagy

    I vote for Ross Miller’s story… #thisismyparadise

  • overit

    theyre all nice..for those folks. some of us cant bike or run , sure couldnt get into the water past a shores edge splash about,and would die of fright no matter how pretty the aerial views might be when seen on film.
    targeted for a very specific age and interest group, pity.

  • Ceri Pashley

    Nikki for sure, I would love to spend some time free diving on the barrier reef and learn about minky whales! Fingers crossed. Now to get back in the freezing cornish waters!

  • Sheila Sloan

    Definitely, Nikki! A fantastic adventure on the Great Barrier Reef!

  • David Botterill-Scott

    Nikki’s life sounds perfect – I want to marry that girl, let alone vote for her! And everyone should try free-diving – it really is the best way to get close to marine life without scaring half of it away with bubbles! What better place to give it a try?

  • Diana

    I will choose Nikki Rumney video definitely. I love scuba diving, it is so awesome:)

  • Soz

    Glen Jacobs – land based adventure all the way!

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Love Nikki Rumney video. It is sound like surreal world . I cannot stop dreaming to go to Queensland . You have my family vote.

  • Stephanie

    My time goes to #1 Glen. I will trading time with him. I opt for that beautiful adventure

  • EnricaArrigo

    I like Nikki’s adventure too!

  • Boyan Stoyanov

    Glen’s story is the best for me.

  • janelily

    I love the sound of Glen’s story even though i cant mountain bike I do love the mountains and the ranges and the breath taking views this would be amazing

  • J C

    Ross Miller #thisismyparadise cos it’s so advenetrous & thrilling ! a gr8 experience..!

  • Laura DeBellis Skapik

    Nikki gets my vote! #thisismyparadise The ocean and it’s world totally calm and center me!

  • merry2day

    I choose time with Nikki – no doubt about it – I love the underwater world.

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Nikki Rumney!! It just a blessing grow around a beautiful marine environment, feel connected with it just enough to feel part of it. The nature have so much to give… it just speechless, it’s Greatness. I live in an Island and I know what amazing the Ocean can be… I just Love It! =D

  • Cassie Heneghan

    Ross’s sounds amazing! I’ve always wanted to fly like that but always been too afraid!

  • Attila Kecskemeti

    Nikki Rumney – I would travel to see the underwater world from Hungary, a country without seaside….

  • Kimberly Camille Tiu

    Ross Miller’s adventure looks amazing!

  • Damian Ostendorf

    Ross Miller’s lifestyle of being as free as a bird, and taking in those stunning views would be my idea of paradise.

  • Susan Barrow

    Nikki for sure, I want to trade places! Nothing like being one to one with the ocean & God’s fishes & underwater gardens.

  • Jennifer F Merth

    Nikki gets my vote

  • Aaron Roach

    My vote is for Nikki, what an awesome way to grow up!

  • Chris Moret

    Ross Miller for sure ! always wanted to try hang gliding

  • Michelle Hawken

    Would loooove to trade my land legs for sea legs. Nikki Rumney wins hands (or flippers) down for me. Truly magical and outta this world.

  • trapperjohn72

    Whales. Nikki. No question.

  • birston88

    nikki rumney

  • Diana Shenderovich

    Nikki Rumney sound so good

  • Marita Johansson

    My vote goes to Niki Rumney! I like to be a fish instead of a bird, in the fantastic australian underwater world!

  • Briana Walter

    I’m voting for Nikki Rumney!! I would love that lifestyle growing up by the ocean, it’s my second home!

  • Rebecca Maschke

    Definitely Nikki’s story! The reef is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

  • Mich

    Nikki gets my vote!

  • Olive mess

    I enjoyed Nikki’s story very much :)

  • Tina Feenstra

    Nikki has lived not only my dream childhood but my dream adulthood!

  • Guy Hickey

    Nikki Rumney for sure. I love diving but spend most of my diving time fixing moorings in dark silted up water. To dive in the crystal clear waters of TNQ would indeed be paradise!

  • Tracey Hammond

    Glen Jacobs please and thanks, would be great.

  • Savannah Green

    I would totally vote for Nikki! I love her story. Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the ocean. The fact she gets to swim with such beautiful creatures is unreal!

  • sue sellen

    Glen Jacobs….. Amazing when people trail blaze for you and get incredible hiking and trail walks done.Definitely all sound amazing adventures but for me forests always win……

  • John Myers

    love to win this prize,take me there please

  • Di

    Nikki’s story is so inspirational, that is definitely
    my bag baby!

  • Charmaine Hardy

    My vote goes to Glen Jacobs,I appreciate the people who take the time to make walking trails, without destroying the surrounding flora and fauna. A forest, my camera and a fellow walker is my ideal holiday.

  • Helen

    Glen I love the rain forest when I lived at mission beach 23 years ago.

  • Johnny Hagen

    Nikki! I am somewhat amphibic my self.

  • Queensland Blog

    Hi Everyone,
    If you would like to vote for your favourite Tropical North Queensland resident, please enter the competition at this link: .
    Queensland blog team

  • Natalie Moress

    Wow! How to choose? Earth, air water….all beautiful, natural, breathtaking. I would most like to spend time with Glen, I think, because he is experiencing nature so closely, while being active and maintaining his fitness. To create something that so many people can enjoy in such a positive way, inspiring them to enjoy nature, is a wonderful vocation!

  • Cinda S

    Nikki Rumney – what a great lifestyle!

  • Dolcemel

    I love Nikki’s story because I love the ocean!! Great way to grow up! #thisismyparadise

  • Georgina Hynd

    They all have awesome stories but Nikki resonates with me personally. Think Australia, think water, and the Reef, and coral. Definitely HIGH on my bucket list.

  • Samantha Mills

    Nikki Rumney gets my vote. The Great Barrier Reef is a magical natural playground for so many species. I have experienced the wonder of swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth and would love the opportunity to swim with the Dwarf Minke Whales. To get to grow up in that environment is a truly blessed experience for Nikki and I would love to meet her and hear her stories. All of these people live an extraordinary life in an amazing part of our country. #thisismyparadise is a fabulous idea for a campaign. I hope you use all of their stories.

  • Jenny Palmer

    Flying…. sounds wonderful to me (they all sound amazing so it’s hard to choose). But I have to go with Ross Miller :)

  • Anastasia Dragun

    I enjoy the ocean,,,,it is like another planet….so i like Nikki’s film

  • Melissa

    Glen Jacobs’ adventures are more like something I can handle #thisismyparadise

  • John Zappa

    Nikki has my vote

  • Tracey Green

    They all seem like paradise to me, but something about being as free as a bird is so enticing. Definitely would love to meet Ross though, and replicate his experience!

  • Grace Evans

    Nikki Rumney Way to go!!!

  • Chris Moret

    Ross Miller !

  • Chris Moret

    ross miller !

  • Marcus Marrow

    Nikki Rumney for sure. Love the ocean!

  • Lee-Anne

    Nikki’s job is my idea of bliss :)

  • Christine Knott

    I’d love to park the four wheels, hop on the two wheels and take the journey through paradise!

  • Chris Moret

    ross miller ! hang gliding looks awesome !

  • Christine

    I’d love to park the four wheels, hop on the two wheels and take the journey through Glen Jacob’s paradise!

  • Chris Moret

    ross miller !

  • Chris Moret

    Ross Miller ! looks like fun !

  • mygreenmonkey

    The ocean and marine life = me, so Nikki lives in my paradise! And I LOVE sharks :)

  • Chris Moret

    Ross Miller ! Would love to go hang gliding

  • Chris Moret

    ross miller all the way ! would love to try hang gliding !