Link Love: Snake eats croc, best pancakes in Brisbane, big mango stolen, wilson found + more

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There’s been more action than a Die Hard flick in the Sunshine State over the past few weeks, but these are some of our favourite moments.

:: Tom Hanks’s long-lost mate, Wilson, was found by Queensland Police on a Fraser Island beach.

:: Gourmand and Gourmet have whipped and flipped a list of Brisbane’s best pancakes.

:: Liz from Young Adventures got photobombed on her snorkelling trip, while living it up in Queensland in #Room753

:: Bowen’s big mango was the victim of a mystery heist.

:: Pack the chips and dip! The Urban List have revealed 6 Brisbane bars where you can actually BYO food.

:: Yep, a snake really did eat a croc near Mt Isa.

:: Here’s 21 kangaroos having a way worse day than you.

:: This is what happens when your GoPro falls out of a plane and into a pig pen.**


:: US blogger Veronica from The Gypsy Nester faced her fears with a skydive on Valentine’s Day.

:: And travel blogger Michael Turtle went swimming with turtles in the waters off Lady Elliot Island.

*Feature image: Shutterstock

**We can’t claim this one as a Queenslander, but just had to share!