A family weekend in Southern Queensland Country [video]

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There is nothing quite like a weekend in the Queensland countryside. Dramatic sunsets, secret waterfalls, glistening golden fields of grass that stretch almost to the horizon – country life in Queensland has a magic all of its own.

Every season has its charm; from the warm summer days lazing at swimming holes and winter nights holed up in front of a fire, to the falling leaves in autumn and blooming wildflowers in spring.

And there isn’t a local – nor a horse, cow, chicken or wallaby, for that matter – unwilling to stop and welcome you. The produce is fresh, sweet and plentiful, and the crisp, eucalypt-tinged air just as nourishing.

I joined one young family for a weekend adventure out of the city to let them experience the wide open spaces and ever-changing beauty of Southern Queensland Country all for themselves. See just how much they enjoyed the experience.

*Special thanks to Colin & Libby at Taabinga Homestead in Kingaroy for hosting our weekend in the country.