7 Myths about the Woodford Folk Festival

Sometimes mums get it wrong. And when it comes to Woodford, mine really goofed up.

Growing up in a country town, my family would collectively snigger when the Woodford Folk Festival rolled up to the nearby hills. To us it was a secret jamboree for society’s odd bods and misfits, a suspicious place full of fairy-loving leprechauns in satin shoes and new-age harp-playing Puks.

“That place is for hippies,” my mum would warn. “They probably have no jobs and smoke weed.”

So after 26 years of fearing the good folk of Woodfordia, I decided to experience it for myself.

Oh Mum, how wrong you were.

Woodford Folk Festival has to be one of Australia’s greatest all-music, all-entertainment events.  Between the quality guild stores, the tummy tempting food stalls and the educational outlets proving that yes, you can recycle those plastic shopping bags artistically, the dozen or so big top tents pulsate harder than a Chinese New Year dragon dance. The experience was beyond my imagination.

Moreover, even in the thick of 25,000 people, I didn’t get a whiff of weed once.

So where else did mum get it wrong?

*Photos by Martin Ollman



  • Felicity Morgan

    Awesome write up and a great summary of the majority of peoples perception then reality experience of Woodford… Not met a person yet who got brave and decided to pop their Woodford Cherry and regretted it after years of ‘Fear’ of that tree loving hippy festival that they were warned away from…Their only regret was that they had not indulged in all the weeks worth of fun, food, music, theatre, circus and best of all new friends they had met at Woodford much much earlier….Many a huppy to be met up their prob’ just like you fellow reader… A city yuppy just yearning to break out their inner hippy! = Huppy!! Enjoy & see you at Woodford 13-14!