Clarity of distance: This is why we take holidays

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“You don’t necessarily have to be swept along with everything that you perceive to be beneficial – you don’t have to be a passenger on your own journey…”

Tearlach Wales is tying off the ropes on his rented catamaran as it glides into a bay on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island. It’s 4pm on a Friday and usually at this time of day he would be at his job at a film visual effects company in Melbourne.

“When you’re in the middle of nowhere on the ocean… there’s nothing ticking away at the back of your mind and you find yourself having these really serene pure moments together,” he says.

Tearlach and his long-time girlfriend Amy Arnott were filmed in the Whitsundays for a documentary that looked at why we take holidays. Both had limited sailing experience and were trained on the boat before setting off to explore the Whitsunday Islands.

Amy, a Melbourne-based a dancer, actress and teacher, said that after a difficult period in their lives following the death of a family member, these moments away allowed them to reassess what was important in their lives and to tackle each new adventure together.

This is their story.