Queensland’s Instagram account goes to the dogs

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In a paw-ssible world first, we’re handing over our official Instagram account to a computer-savvy canine to give a four-legged perspective on the best bites of the sunshine state.

Despite lacking opposable thumbs, Jester Gull, a six-month-old Weimaraner puppy from Hamilton Island in The Whitsundays, barked at the chance to have a dig at life as an internet superstar.

“I’m doggone excited to be a part of this project, they (the humans) didn’t need to hound me twice,” Jester woofed.

“For the next week you can follow in my pawsteps as I show you around my backyard and post photos of my favourite things to do and see in The Whitsundays.”

And the best part about living on Hamilton Island?

“No cats!”

A self-described social media junkie, Jester is no stranger to selfies and hashtags. When he’s not busy chasing his tail or chewing expensive shoes, he can be found posting to his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, which have a combined following of 300 almost loyal fans.

“I was born to be Queensland’s Instagram watchdog – I’m really cute and photogenic, I live on one of the most stunning islands in the world and I’ve got my paw on the pulse of social media.”

Having made quite a few celebrity friends in his short life on Hamilton Island, including motorsport legend Craig Lowndes, Olympic medallist Michael Klim and most recently Channel 7 Sunrise weather presenter Edwina Bartholomew, Jester hopes his new job will propel him to the same dizzy heights of fame and fortune as other well-known Dogs of Instagram like Tuna, the Dachshund-Chihuahua cross with an unfortunate overbite.

Queenslands Instagram account goes to the dogsHow it works

Every week we’ll hand over the @queensland Instagram account to a different Queensland-based Instagramer to showcase the Sunshine State through the eyes of a local.

Each curator must post a minimum of two photos a day (maximum of six) for the duration of their week-long stint. You’re encouraged to share what what you see, how you live, what you eat (within reason!), and your favourite locations in the sunshine state.

Applications are open to all people currently living in Queensland with an Instagram account and an eye for photography. Apply at thisis [at] queensland.com (dogs welcome).

Jester will start his stint after his morning walk on Monday 9 September. Follow his antics here.

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A Queenslander born and bred, Jessica travelled much of the world before exploring the wonders of her own backyard. Swapping international long-hauls for propeller planes to Queensland’s Outback, she has seen more of this awesome state in her first three months at Tourism Queensland than most people do in their entire lives. While her colleagues think her hobby is weird and will probably send her to an early grave, Jess has made it her personal mission to sample a bowl of potato wedges in as many Queensland towns as possible.