A Breaking Bad guide to backpacking in Australia [gifs]

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1. You have arrived!

2. Taking off on your first road trip.

3. Negotiating the top bunk in the hostel dorm.

4. Making lots of friends from all over the world.

5. Realising that goon is cheap AND nasty.

6. Lying through your teeth about your experience to get your first job.

7. Getting your first pay check in Australian dollars.

8. Making more friends.

9. Lots of this.

10. Half price drinks at the bar!

11. Two hours later.

12. Waking up most mornings.

13. Meeting your first cassowary

14. Realising that 80 per cent of TV consists of home-made commercials that run every three minutes.

15. When you need some space.

16. Realising you can fit your entire life into a single box.

17. Getting love advice from your local taxi driver.

18. Movie night in the hostel means date night.

19. Falling in love, yo!

20. Only to break up a week later.

21. Because the show must go on.