Life of Pi: Pascal’s 1 day in paradise [video]

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Some stories are more extraordinary than others and the one of 14-year-old Pascal Datler, even more so.

As a real life embodiment of “Life of Pi” (minus the tiger), Pascal spent his childhood on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef in complete symbiosis with nature.

“I’m just connected to it, like I’m supposed to spend all my time here,” he says.

Even a surfing accident which left him with seven titanium plates inside the right side of his skull wouldn’t deter him.

“It nearly killed me, but the only thing I was thinking was when can I get back in the water.”

His story, captured by Australian film maker Justin McMillan as an entry into the 1 Day in Paradise competition, won the jury’s hearts and the grand prize of AUD$75,000.

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