How would you spend one day in paradise?

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In 2013 we unleashed 20 of Australia’s best filmmakers in the tropical northern corner of our state to capture the spirit of adventure using only GoPro cameras and a whole lot of cojones.

Some stories are more extraordinary than others and the one of 14-year-old Pascal Datler, even more so.

As a real life embodiment of “Life of Pi” (minus the tiger), Pascal spent his childhood on a boat on the Great Barrier Reef in complete symbiosis with nature.

I’m just connected to it, like I’m supposed to spend all my time here.

Even a surfing accident which left him with seven titanium plates inside the right side of his skull wouldn’t deter him.

It nearly killed me, but the only thing I was thinking was when can I get back in the water.

His story, captured by Australian film-maker Justin McMillan as an entry into the 1 Day in Paradise competition, won the jury’s hearts and the grand prize of AUD$75,000.

Here are five more of our favourite videos, all shot solely on the best gadget invented since the polaroid camera. Check out ExploreTNQ’s YouTube channel for more videos.

Sky-scuba diving over the Great Barrier Reef – Gulliver Page

The pulse of paradise – David Parkinson

A friend for this time – Benjamin Dowie

Along for the ride – Mitch Kennedy

If I had one day – Drew English

If you had one day in paradise, what would you do? Share with us in the comments.

  • Mikeg

    Pascals’s one day in paradise is by far the best! The most cinematic
    of all and in a class of its own.

    • We loved Pascal’s story enough to do a separate feature on it. Watch this space!

  • Phil

    Epic… many opportunities for adventure travel in the tropical north and this just shows how much fun it is mixing and matching and coming up with a new way to do it

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