GoPro: Daredevils in paradise [Video]

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How would you spend one day in paradise?

Well, if you’re Gulliver Page from the GoPro team you might climb out of a chopper and skydive onto a cay on the Great Barrier Reef dressed in full snorkelling gear. Or kayak down waterfalls in the 135 million-year-old Daintree Rainforest. Whatever floats your boat.

Last month we unleashed 20 of Australia’s best filmmakers in the tropical northern corner of our state to capture the spirit of adventure using only GoPro cameras and a whole lot of cojones.

The cast – including a stunt man, a former taxi driver, and a shark cowboy known for inventing a method to lasso sharks – well and truly put everything on the line to conquer the $75,000 prize up for grabs.

Here are five of our favourite videos, all shot solely on the best gadget invented since the polaroid camera. Check out ExploreTNQ’s YouTube channel to see the rest of the videos and vote for your favourites.

1. Sky-scuba diving over the Great Barrier Reef – Gulliver Page

2. The pulse of paradise – David Parkinson

3. A friend for this time – Benjamin Dowie

4. Along for the ride – Mitch Kennedy

5. If I had one day – Drew English

  • Mikeg

    Pascals’s one day in paradise is by far the best! The most cinematic
    of all and in a class of its own.

    • Emanuel Wetterqvist

      We loved Pascal’s story enough to do a separate feature on it. Watch this space!

  • Phil

    Epic… many opportunities for adventure travel in the tropical north and this just shows how much fun it is mixing and matching and coming up with a new way to do it

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