How to get the Best Job in the World

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[Update: You can watch the shortlisted videos from this year’s Best Jobs in the World competition here.]

Most of you probably remember when Tourism Queensland launched the Best Job in the World campaign advertising the position of ‘Island Caretaker’ here in Queensland. Well, I was the lucky sod who won!

At the time, I questioned if it was worth going to the effort of creating a video but look where it got me – a fun job in a new country and I found my sweetheart here too!

So if you’re still twiddling your thumbs about whether to enter or not – stop procrastinating – you have to be in it to win it.

Here are my top tips to land the Best Job in the World:

1. Be you

It’ll show in your video if you’re claiming to be something your not. It’s not necessarily the most travelled, experienced or qualified person who’ll get the role but if you’re a genuinely likeable, sociable person who’ll try anything once, has the ability to work hard and share their experiences with others then you stand a good chance.

2. Be creative

  • Don’t just sit in your bedroom holding the camera at arms length, with it wobbling all over the place and try to talk to it.
  • Get outside, choose a good location that’s out of the wind, have a few bullet points to talk through (much easier than reading from a script I promise)
  • Position the camera on a tripod if possible or get someone else to hold it and remember to smile :)

3. Show how much you love the ‘Great Outdoors’

After all that’s where this job will be based. It really doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of winter or you’re in a city, be creative and show us your back yard.

You could be:

  • trekking across a sand dune
  • kayaking along a beautiful river
  • fishing on a frozen pond
  • socialising with the local wildlife
  • swimming with the fishes in an aquarium or
  • simply investigating your local park.

4. Reference life here in Queensland and do your research

Know what you’re talking about when you explain why you’d be suitable for the position. I added a quote about exploring the “100 magic miles of Great Barrier Reef ” – it’s a famous book about the Whitsunday Islands which locals know and love, although most people thought I was referring to entire Great Barrier Reef and had my figures all wrong – there’s over 1200 miles of that!

5. Tell us why you’re qualified for the position

  • Are you a certified diver?
  • Have you participated in other outdoor activities before like trekking, camping?
  • Do you run a mile when you see a snake or spider…in fact don’t tell us that!
  • Blow your own trumpet – just not too hard.

Wishing everyone who enters the very best of luck, I look forward to meeting you in person at the final later in the year!

Ben :)

P.S. To get you a bit more excited about the job, I created a little video introducing where you’ll be working if you win. Check it out! D.S.

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