A ride-hater’s guide to Dreamworld [Video]

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Facing your fears. It’s a rite of passage that (apparently) makes you a better person. All the successful people I admire are constantly throwing themselves into the deep end.

It makes sense, but that still doesn’t mean I have to be happy about what I’m about to do.

I’m terrified of rides.

I can handle motion simulators, train rides, and basically anything connected to the ground. But crazy high speed, twisty-turvy, hanging upside down in the air is a no-go zone for me. Why would anyone want to be put into a heart-racing, scream-inducing situation where escape is fruitless?

Just thinking about it makes my feet suction cap themselves to the floor and my heart pump for its life.

It’s not like I haven’t dipped my toe into my fear at all. My best friend peer-pressured me onto the Road Runner Rollercoaster at Movie World a few years ago, and while she giggled at me the whole way ‘round, I screamed my lungs out. Yep me, a 20-something screaming on a Looney Tunes kids’ ride while 10-year-olds were having the time of their lives and begging their parents to go again. Not my best moment.

And not the greatest preparation for what’s about to come next – taking on the Big 8* Thrill Rides at Dreamworld. I stole Nike’s slogan to get myself through the day: Just do it!

Here we go…

*The Giant Drop is still a no-go zone.

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Queensland is home and always will be for Kaylah who grew up on the Sunshine Coast, lived in Airlie Beach for three years and survived to return to Brisbane. She is a crazy cat lady and a former ride-hater. These are her stories.
  • Dianne

    Ha ha ha… I know that when you were two you were a dare devil… not sure what happened… suddenly turned into scaredy cat… this was funny… Good one Poss! Love Mum :)

    • Kaylah Buckman

      Thanks Mum for making this even more embarrassing then it already is! I’m taking you next time to Dreamworld and you can be my ride buddy! Love Kaylah :)

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