21 animals with attitude

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With an average of 8-9 hours of sunshine every day and more than 200 national parks, Queensland provides a playground for some of the world’s most unique wildlife. And they all come with big personalities.

Here are 21 of our favourite cheeky animal shots posted by you on our Facebook page.

1. This rebellious cockatoo.

Queensland Cockatoo


2. This koala regretting he had Italian for lunch.

Queensland koala


3. This kangaroo showing you how to floss properly.

Queensland kangaroo


4. This little dude practicing his breast stroke. Rock on.

Queensland baby turtle


5. This turtle telling you he saw her first.

Seawalker turtle


6. These two koalas doing puppy eyes better than puppies.

Cute Queensland koalas


7. This baby joey knowing it’s cuter than anything else you’ve seen today.

Adorable Queensland kangaroo


8. This kangaroo playing dead until the tourists go away.

Queensland kangaroo playing dead


9. This koala has heard it all before.

Queensland koala sleeping because it's bored


10. This pelican sporting blue flippers.

Queensland pelican with blue flippers


11. These two whales doing synchronised swimming.

Hervey Bay whales


12. This Dreamworld tiger who can’t stand grapes.

Dreamworld tiger


13. This wallaby convincing you Australia’s got talent.

Singing kangaroo


14. This baby salt water crocodile thinking it’s a velociraptor.

Hatching crocodile


15. These two kangaroos who clearly can’t be bothered today.

Kangaroos can't be bothered


16. This scheming cassowary.

Scheming cassowary mugshot


17. This maori wrasse who can’t believe it’s you.

Maori wrasse


18. This stingray flying. Because it can.

Jumping stingray


19. This kangaroo telling you to look deep into its eyes.

Hypnotic kangaroo


20. This chilled-out baby turtle riding the EAC.

baby turtle cruising the eac


21. This cockatoo whispering secrets about the Black Pearl. Aaarr.

daydream cockatoo