My favourite photos from Best Expedition…

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Four months at sea produced some incredible experiences, here are a few of the Best Images from Best Expedition :)

OIRS 27th and 28th July - Ben Southall arrival 044

Cropped Image - Mackay Cay

Silhouettes Maggie Island sunset
Sundown over the swamp

Small anemone Christmas Tree Worms The striking Anemone Coral close up
The very common and large Blue Sea Star DSC_0240
Staghorn and soft corals in all the colours of the rainbow Mulberry coral tucked into a soft coral

Superyacht Adele
Barrier Reef Beauty!
Preying Mantis on the jetty Curious little caterpillar

Cowrie on the beach

Curious puppies run about Caught you!
Parked up for the night Jess is all kitted out in her Hobie gear, ready to race Ben
The Boat Shed - Percy Island 2
Plenty of fish and good visibility Sunlight and fish

Possibly the ugliest fish on the reef? Bumpheaded Parrotfish Feathers and veins Lionfish - spectacular in stripes Delicately beautiful sea squirt
A close up of the impressive head and mouth of the Humphead Maori Wrasse Barrier Reef Anemonefish
Green turtle Leaf Scorpion Fish

  • Kaylah Buckman

    Great photos!

  • Kaylah Buckman