Cairns Indigenous Art Fair & Pro Dive

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Since arriving back in Cairns a few days ago we’ve spent the last few days, cleaning the boats, washing and generally getting life back in order. Time on the ocean can be great fun and exciting but there’s also the day to day tasks that need to be adhered to!

We headed across to Green Island for a couple of days to host two competition winners from STA Travel in the UK. Kelly and Will won out of 40,000 people, a trip to Australia for two weeks and we got to show them their first Great Barrier Reef action with a snorkel and tour.

The next day it was a chance to say thank you to some of the Best Expeditions sponsors who flew up to Cairns and then caught Great Adventures fast cat across to Green Island. With glorious weather it was a chance to loose the office shirt and put on the rash vests with a couple of hours soaking up the island lifestyle.

Sponsors Lunch

The big event of the week though is the start of the Cairns Festival. It runs for the next four weeks with a huge range of activities going on for all ages and interests.

We headed to the Underwater Film Festival to see some of the work that’s been done both locally and internationally in the last year by cameramen and producers alike. There is some awesome work that’s come out of the Cairns and Port Douglas area but some of the content from the World Festival of Underwater Films announced in Marseille earlier this year really showed the sort of quality you need to aim for. A totally different class!!

Here is one of my favourites, Guillaume Nery base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole…and yes he did indeed do this on one breath!

Another great event we attended was the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair held at the Cruise Ship Terminal. At the start of the expedition we wondered how to get involved and after a bit of brainstorming decided to have one of our sponsor’s wetsuits (Aquanaut) painted by an indigenous artist.

Entrance banner Indigenous prints and art

It was such a great idea that others wanted to have a go too and in the end four very talented individuals attacked the suit in their own special way.

Billy Missi, Glen Mackie, Brooke Foster and Justin Majig all took their turn and added their own unique style to different parts of the wetsuit. Justin even created my own personal cod-piece…although it might have been too small!!

We opened the fair in the presence of Rachel Nolan, Arts Minister for Queensland and the press loved the finished product. I modelled the wetsuit in temperatures of around 28c and boy did I feel the heat! Here’s some of the images from the day.

First look at the new wetsuitTorres Strait Dhari
Signing their workTorres Fish modelPottery show

We head out to the Great Barrier Reef again tomorrow with one of the Cairns operators, Pro Dive Cairns, for a three day live aboard experience and I cannot wait.

Richard and Christophe from Underwater Earth are here to again help out with capturing some incredible photos and vision that I’ll have up on this site just as soon as I can.

Yours Expeditionally

Ben :)