Brisbane Festival draws to a close

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Shanghai Lady Killer

After three weeks of immersing myself in the cultural side of city life, the Brisbane Festival drew to a close on Saturday night so over the weekend I thought I’d try and milk every last drop out of it!

QPAC Playhouse hosted the ‘Shanghai Lady Killer‘ – a futuristic noir action thriller, the production was dreamt up by film director Tony Ayers with Rachel Swain, the director of Stalker Physical Theatre Company. I headed down with my housemate with great expectation of a crazy performance and wasn’t disappointed.

Tied into the story that’s set in Sydney in 2025 there’s wire acrobatics, sword fighting and martial arts, enough to keep the audience entertained and amused in equal measure.

Into Africa festival

After travelling throughout Africa for the past decade this was one event I REALLY wanted to go to! It was a chance to absorb some of the eccletic sounds of the African continent, sample the flavours of the cuisine and explore the different countries right here at Yeronga Park, Brisbane.

Yeronga Park goes African I love African smiles :)

Once the grey clouds had parted the crowds arrived and the main stage erupted with singers, bands and dancers from as far apart as Chad, Senegal and Mauritius.

What rain! H'Sao were awesome Dancing with an fantastic girl!

We tasted traditional food from Ethiopia – Injera; a flat yeast-risen flat bread with a unique, slightly spongy texture made from fermented flour, had hot West African Pepper Sauce (firey as hell) and witnessed an African coffee ceremony. I had my first when I was in Awassa, Ethiopia in 2008 and it still takes as long to prepare and fills your mouth with just as much coffee grindings!

Ethiopian injera Food tent Ethiopian coffee ceremony

The Brisbane Festival has been ridiculously good. I’ve been to the theatre, festivals, music events and art exhibitions and loved topping up my ‘brain-bank’ with some much needed culture and entertainment. Sometimes I concentrate so much on the outdoors, fitness and adventure that I fail to remember that occasionally – staying inside can be almost as good as going out!

It does leave me with the overwhelming question of what I’ll do next weekend though??

Next weekend: Well I’m off to China to appear on a reality TV programme! Will update the blog just as soon as I can.

The weekend after: Lamington National Park for some Bushwalking and Mountain Biking – Excellent

Ben :)